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Hotel Guest Protection Policy

InsuraGuest Hotel Guest Protection Policy (HGP) is a direct-to-consumer product that offers a financial reimbursement to the hotel guest(s), in the event of accidental room damage, theft, or personal injury.

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Theft Insurance

Property coverage if a guest's property is stolen from their room.

Medical Insurance

Medical reimbursement for the guests who are personally injured, in their room, during their stay.

Protection Policy

Protection for the guest and the hotel from accidents.

Rapid Claim Filling

EOnline claim management is easy and timely.

Property Insurance

Covers the hotel's property if a guest causes damage to their room.

Data Security

Hotel and guest data are secured with the most current protection software.   

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Hotel Guest Protection Policy

InsuraGuest protects guests against non-hotel insured perils which happen in guests' room, such as,

  • Property damage caused by an accident.
  • Theft.
  • Guest/Occupant personally injured.

Benefits of InsuraGuest Hotel Guest Protection Policy

Offer your hotel guests a safe and clean environment in their rooms with InsuraGuest's Hotel Guest Protection Policy.

  • InsuraGuest Network

    Be a part of a worldwide hotel nextwork who use InsuraGuest' hotel guest policy and products.

  • Simplified Process

    Simplified claim tracking and handling process to offer your guest a hassle-free stay.

  • Instant Support

    Diligent support staff to resolve any issue you have with your policy.


InsuraGuest Protection Plans For Hotels See How it Works In Real Time

A direct-to-consumer product, InsuraGuest Hotel Guest Protection Policy is a policy that provides financial reimbursement to the hotel guest(s) in the event of in-room property damage, theft, or personal injury.

Competitive Prices

Affordable hotel guest policy at a minimum cost, to avoid risks during your stay.

Property Policy

Coverage for in-room hotel property in case of damage.  

Best Experience

A worry-free and comfortable hotel stay with an unbiased and consumer-centric hotel guest policy.

24-hr Hotline Assistance

24-hr hotline assistance by specialists to offer you instant help on all types of situations.

Expert Agents

Expert and experienced agents at your disposal to help you protect against the risks.

Timely Compensation

Smooth and simplified claims process with timely compensation.