InsuraGuest Policy

Hotel Guest Protection Policy (HGP) protects your personal property, damage to items in the room, and if you are involved in a personal injury situation while in your hotel room. HGP can protect your financial investment (up to the maximum amount of your policy limits) should you have an accident in your room, have personal items stolen from your room, or if the guest experiences a personal injury.

How to Protect Yourself with an InsuraGuest Policy?

Personal property and personal liability may have limitations when covered by the hotel, a credit card, or by a homeowner's or renter's policy. The InsuraGuest's Hotel Guest Protection Policy is considered a direct to consumer policy that helps the Guest with certain mishaps which may happen in their hotel room. These mishaps can be easily filed and processed by following the instrustion on our CLAIMS page.

Slip, trips and falls are the leading cause of injury. The potential for accidents, falls, mishaps can be widespread, but it can be covered under Hotel Guest Protection Policy to make a guest stay worry-free and enjoyable. InsuraGuest's carrier offers a policy solutions and expert claim handling to minimize the impact of a covered loss.

Policy Coverage Information

Guest Loss in personal articles for perils of theft:
Guest Liability (room damage):
Guest Personal Injury:
Sometimes life happens, InsuraGuest Guest Hotel Policy Protection covers you for those mishaps during your stay.